Cromer Walking Through History

In case you missed it attached is a link to the recent (Feb 2014) Channel 4 TV programme Walking Through History focusing on NorthNorfolk. In it presenter Tony Robinson undertakes a 4 day walk through NorthNorfolk exploring some of its history, starting in Royal Sandringham and naturally finishing in Cromer which he describes as ‘small but perfectly formed’, the ultimate Edwardian seaside resort with its mix of rural and resort!

The last 15 minute segment features the immediate Cromer area and provides a potted history of Cromer tourism including the rise of mixed bathing, the development of the Cromer leisure Pier and King Edward VII (as the Prince of Wales) enjoying membership of Royal Cromer golf course and including his preference for the Virginia Court Gentlemens Club, now known as Virginia Court Hotel!

The programme is bound to inspire a visit to the area so don’t miss out and book soon. Be amongst the first to try our newly redecorated bar/lounge area now known as The Club Room in a nod to the heritage of our hotel and its origins as a Gentlemens Club established in 1901 running through to the mid 1920’s when it was converted to a B&B and then a small privately owned independent hotel as it has remained ever since!